Drain Unblocking

Drain Unblocking

Blocked drains can happen at any time, and when your drains or sewers are blocked or stop working we can solve the drainage problem quickly and efficiently and at an affordable price.

At WD Drain Services we are able to offer an affordable, local, fast, friendly and effective service to repair and clear any domestic or commercial blocked drain, sewer, toilet, shower or sink 7 days a week.

You can call us out for any type of blocked drain, blocked pipe, blocked toilet or blocked sink within Manchester and the local area. For unblocking the really severe blockages we use our high pressure water jetting system which is an extremely efficient system to remove the most challenging of blocked drains or blocked sewers.

We believe in providing the highest standards of work at the most competitive prices around.

Drain Repair

Drainage Repairs

WD Drain Services is your local drainage repair company in the Manchester.

Our drainage engineers can repair a collapsed drain or broken drain quickly and efficiently - always aiming to achieve minimal disruption.

Our aim is to provide a professional drainage repair service throughout the local area.

We can also offer tree root removal.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

WD Drain Services is your local drain cleaning company in the Manchester area.

We offer a comprehensive drain cleaning service using high pressure water jetting units that are built into our vans.

We also offer a preventative drain maintenance program that ensure the drains are always working at their optimum efficiency and reduces the risk of disruptive and expensive drain blockages and sewer blockages occurring.

We provide our professional drain cleaning and maintenance services throughout the local area including Manchester, Sale, Rochdale, Stockport, Salford, Oldham and Bury.

We stand ready to assist both domestic and commercial clients with a range of high pressure jetting cleaning services.

No Dig Drain Repair

No-Dig Technology Drainage Repairs

WD Drain Services are experts in no-dig drainage repairs. No-dig technology (or drain re-lining) is the quickest way to repair a drain or sewer and there is no need to dig up entire sections of land to access the damaged pipe or sewer.

We inspect the damage by sending a CCTV camera into the drain to check if it can be re-lined - we then install a lining inside the existing drain which bonds to the inside of the pipe and creates a new pipe within the existing pipe.

In most cases it is not necessary to fully re-line a damaged drain. Patching is an effective method for carrying out localised drain repairs.

No-dig prices start from only £299 for a 4 inch patch and £375 for a 6 inch patch.

Full length drain lining is available from £125 per metre.

CCTV Camera Drain Inspection

CCTV Drain Surveys

Our drainage services include CCTV drain survey inspections and manhole inspections using the latest CCTV camera equipment.

Water Main Repairs

Water Main Repairs

WD Drain Services can repair any burst or leaking water mains supply pipes - and once detected we can make the repair and restore the supply quickly and efficiently.

We operate a 7 days a week repair service and our emergency water main repair service covers all the Manchester area.

Our water main repairs start from £299.

We can also provide upgrades to an existing water pipe including the installation of new plastic pipe.

Sonar Drain Tracing

Sonar Drain Tracing and Mapping

Our sonar drain tracing and mapping service can map all drains and sewers, shared connections, and any drain damage that needs to be repaired.

WD Drain Services have a skilled team of drainage engineers who can carry out sonar drain tracing and mapping using the latest equipment for residential and commercial customers.

We insert a sonde transmitter module into the drain or sewer using rods and as the module is pushed along the pipe it sends a sonar pulse out which is picked up by a receiver and pinpoints the position of the pipe or sewer. The sonde transmitter can also locate any damaged drainage so excavation for repairs can be done in the right place, which can save hours of digging.

The price for our sonar drain tracing and mapping service is from £100.

Manhole Repairs

Manhole Repairs and Replacement

WD Drain Services can repair all types of manholes, from collapsed manholes due to subsidence, to leaking manholes.

Manholes may require repair due to old age or subsidence which causes the benching around the manhole to breakaway and cause blockages - we can repair or replace the benching to ensure the chambers drain properly.

We also replace broken manhole covers and can build new manholes on existing drainage systems to improve access.

Soil Pipe Repair and Replacement

Soil Pipe Repair and Replacement

We repair and replace all types and sizes of external soil pipes and soil vent pipes.

Our soil pipe repair services include repairing broken or leaking soil pipes and clearing blockages. Prices for repairing soil pipes start from £250.

Our replacement soil pipe services include the removal of old metal corroded soil pipes and replacing with modern plastic.

Prices for a new full external soil vent pipe system (including parts and labour) start from £899.